Friday, 10 April 2015


It's time to celebrate together the new album of MIYAVI "THE OTHERS" !!

For the occasion on the date of the Album release 15 April 2015 - MIYAVI will hold a Q&A event via NicoNicoLive ! ! ! 

To participate at the event You need to sign-in on NICONICO LIVE before ! 
- It will start at 20.00 JAPAN TIME ( Check your time zone) 

Usually Live Streams on NicoVideo opens with older MIYAVI MVs and they are most likely to show the latest MV -"THE OTHERS" too - 

Then the main event will start and that is MIYAVI answering fans question !

In order to submit your question:
- Join the chat-room on Nicolive with LOGGIN-IN with your TWITTER account and by using the tag #ASK_MIYAVI  on your questions 

*If you are unable to watch the stream you can anyway tweet directly from twitter by using the tag #ASK_MIYAVI
*NicoNicoLive will "open" the stream video & Chat room only on the event Date & Time  
* TIMESHIFT:  The best option on NicoNicoLive is the timeshift -  which allows you to record the Live stream and watch it later on - so if you are unable to follow the live, after sign-in on Nico go and click "timeshift"
You will find the whole Live recorded on your profile and you will be able to watch it for several days after it has  ended! 

Be sure to not miss it !

NOTE: The event is hold in JAPAN and it will be mostly in Japanese but if you are lucky MIYAVI may reply your question in english too - - 

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