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English Translation for the Interview of MIYAVI with vyper-jmusic on March 2014

After 'What's my name?' an album that allowed us to discover a new MIYAVI, the Samurai Guitarist came back to us a year ago with a new opus. Less Japanese, always more English and a new message through simple but catchy lyrics. MIYAVI, eponymous album, surprised. Americanized music videos, sex freely discussed...

Bye to Japanese restraint and hello to a style even more easy to embrace.

With the strong desire to touch and to take place in front of a maximum of people, MIYAVI did us the honor of taking place on the stage of La Cigale in march for a show on fire.

It's shortly after that the musician accepted to answer our questions, explaining his choices and making no taboo of his role in Angelina Jolie's next movie, 'Unbroken'.

V – Your previous album was titled 'What's my name ?',Your new opus directly responds to it with an eponym title 'MIYAVI'. Do you have this desire to enter into the music history ?
M – Yes, of course, but not directly into music history itself. Rather in the hearts of people who like my music. They are the ones who make music history.

V – You don't hide your attraction for USA, that we can really feel in your two last albums. Why did you chose to move away from Visul Kei to come to a more occidental style ?
M – Humm, actually I don't think I moved away from Visual Kei... Of course, I prefer to be judged as an artist more than by my appearance. But I'm just trying to create something new that nobody tired out or heard before. That's also sincerity towards people that follow and support me for a long time.

V – In addition to the change in your musical style, we saw an evolution in your look... Less make up for example. Is it a new instance of your desire to stand out ?
M – As I said I don't want to stand out from Visual Kei, even though I have to admit that I don't like to be restricted to the image of anything. I just try to stay true in my creations as an artist. This is all I can say... And I put make up on sometimes ! (laugh)

V – Now let's talk about your last album. HORIZON was the first music video to come out. How did you have the idea of its production ?
M – This song represents our primitive desires. I think that all human beings were born equal with this craving to move our body on rhythms. Rock, even Jazz, are musics people can dance on. I'd like to insert this strong passion in both the song itself and the music video.

V – Can you tell us about 'SECRET' ?
M – At first, I have to say that I spend a wonderful time during the shooting ! (laugh) One more time, this song concerns our instincts, as the sex. As you could see my artistic Director managed to use sophisticated metaphors to describe our primitive desires. But I really liked this idea of being artistic and simple in the same time.

V – For 'GUARD YOU' music video, you asked help from your fans with #Underthesamesky project, and we could see the pictures in the final result. What does this song represent, and what's the message behind all that ?
M – Right after the earthquake which hit Japan in 2011, I had to go on an European tour. I wrote this song at that time. I had to leave my family behind... But I realized that there's a lot of people in that kind of situations. And that's even harder ! Some people have to be far from their relatives... But I strongly felt that feeling that, no matter the distance between people, with strong feelings you can remain connected and united ! We sometimes have to go beyond the physical distance to get closer. And that's what the pictures represent, the ties between all of us !

V – Your album MIYAVI was first released in Japan in June 2013, and then in Europe in March 2014. Why this choice ?
M – Please, ask my staff why ! (laughs)

V – You often say on Twitter that every World Tour is a new experience. Is there a link with your two last albums ?
M – Of course ! But first of all, I can guarantee a new experience each time !

V – SlapTheWorldTour is, once again, an impressive world tour ! 40 dates in 16 different countries. It's really rare for japanese artists. What makes you want to do so many foreign dates ?
M – Because there's people waiting for me ! For me, it's natural to deliver my message directly with my music. No matter the country they live in, I just try to go where my fans are. Although this is not always easy.

V – After Japan, it's Europe which holds the most part of your tour. Have you got a special feeling for your European fans ?
M – I know they're supporting me for a very long time and that they're opened to new things. Especially in France, I'm really well welcomed when I come !

V – During your last tour, you had 5 dates in France. Why only 1 this time ?
M – Of course I'd like to perform in more cities in France ! Please ask my manager !

V – Have you got special memories of your last time in France ?
M – Last time, I played for the fashion show of my friend Mihara Yasuhiro in Paris. It was a wonderful moment and good experience to be able to play in those conditions as an artist. People came for clothes and products, not for me. It was very disturbing to play the guitar to make the fashion show better. I learned a lot.

V – You are one of the Japanese artists to be the more followed on the social networks. Miyavi Official hit 280 000 fans, it's great ! Have you ever thought about making a global official fanbase to be closer with your fans ? Anyway, do you know that there is a French fanbase ?
M – I know that French fans are wonderful and that they support me since my debut. I've an official fanclub, MYVCREW, and I'm happy there are french fans on it.

V – Before leaving for touring, you took part in the filming of the next Angelina Jolie's movie, UNBROKEN. How was the meeting with her ? What made you accept the role ?
M – She's just amazing. I really respect her as a human being. Very professional, very sensitive. When I met her, she right away told me that she didn't wanted to make a movie with narrow scenario like stereotyped Hollywood war movies. The underlying topic of the movie is forgiveness, tolerance and the fact that she is able to show the importance of these 2 things through a role made me accept it.

V – UNBROKEN talks about World War II from an original point of view since the story takes place in pacific side, between USA and Japan. Wasn't it difficult to act this role while japanese are quite unwilling about this war ?
M – Of course I thought that it could make a controversy. But once again, if I take part of this project, which show the different possibilities of the human nature, I told myself that I could be proud of myself.

V – What did this experience bring to you ? Could you accept to act in other movies in the future ?
M – Oh I learned a lot ! Actually, I found many similarities with singing and acting. Both try to deliver a message through expression. So yes, I could act in the future if possibilities come.

V – Your show at La Cigale in Paris was sold-out. Have you got a message of your French fans ?
M – Once again, I like your strong support. This is what makes me comeback again, and again, and again. I really respect the fact that you respect foreign cultures. It's a honor for me to perform in France. And of course I'd like to perform in more cities next time and set everything on fire ! Merci !

That was on the 14th of march that MIYAVI decided to conquer La Cigale ! Armed with his legendary fingering, the Samurai Guitarist marked the famous venue of his name.

Thought 18 song, the most coming from his last album, the artist made us dance, but also cry while the ballad songs interlude.

Needless to say that MIYAVI, with this 4th time in our country, succeeded once again in conquering his fans' hearts and making them wait for the next dance ! 

- Super THANK YOU for the Translation from French to COMYV CRAzYON382
- You can order the VYPER MAGAZINE ISSUE with the Interview Here ( It's in French of course)

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