Tuesday, 2 July 2013

[FANPROJECT] What's his name? #secretFP

Hello COMIYAVIZ we are back with new  rockin fanproject but this time we wont tell you
what it is about!!!
It is a  "Secret Fanproject", it will be a surprise for all of you and of course for MR MIYAVI  !
But as we can plan a FP alone...we cant MAKE a fanproject alone, WE NEED YOU!!

What you need to do?
AUDIO FILE ( No video, no photo, no scan just AUDIO file)
- Your voice, you alone or with friends / family anyway VOICES
- audio voice with you... calling his name! LOL  You have to say " MIYAVI" just scream MIYAVI's name dont add anything else !!!
- Make sure to be original on the way you say "MIYAVI" we want to have many voices callin him in different ways/moods ( lovely,angry, scary, surprised, sad,happy etc) pick ONE and use it for ur VOICE MIYAVI CALLING !

Where to send?
- Once you got your voice with his name done on audio file send it to our mail : comiyaviww@gmail.com
- Write as object "Secret FP" and dont forget to tell us you Name/Nick and Country !!

- 10 July 2013 !!  just one week to collect all calls! so Hurry Hurry boiz and girls !!!
Once it's all done, we will public the FP on our YOUTUBE and you will see for what u helped us ;) 

So if u r curious and want to join the fun, JUST send us your contribution

ps: we ask fanpage owners as always to translate & spard yo national fandome our project!

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