Friday, 21 June 2013

MIYAVI album to hit International Music Market on October 2013!

"International release of MIYAVI's self titled album "MIYAVI" is scheduled to start in October 2013 in the European countries (UK, France, Germany, etc), and Asian countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, etc), both Physical and Digital, which will be followed by release in the South and North American countries! Actual release dates are TBC.

The album will not be available on iTunes and other digital platforms outside of Japan until the official release date of the album for each countries/regions.

Each of the above countries will set the release dates based on their own marketing, and to keep the integrity of the release on every individual regions to the fullest, digital release will be linked to that of the physical release.

Lastly, we ask our sincere fans for your continuous support towards MIYAVI.
We sure will be needing all of your support to make MIYAVI's worldwide debut a huge event!!"
This is what MIYAVI STAFF comunicated via Twitter on 19/06/2013 to World Wide CoMiyavz, It is for this reason that many of you are not finding MIYAVI on Itunes or Music stroes now.

Keep this cray feelings to BUY MIYAVI for October 2013 and we dont think it's needed to say, but Please Support MIYAVI by buying his first World Widely avaliable album!!


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