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[LIVE REPORT] MIYAVI - OSAKA 01.10.2016 (English)

 We asked our friend and American comyv living in Osaka, to review MIYAVI's Live at Namba Hatch Venue on October 1, 2016 -  Enjoy her Live report while waiting to see MIYAVI LIVE! ! !

First concert review ever! 
Though I've been listening to Miyavi for around a decade this was only the third Miyavi live I have been to. The first was The Others tour at Namba Hatch in May 2015 and the second at Osaka Big Cat in December. 

As always, Miyavi caught our attention with his charisma and talent. The way he slaps the guitar and dances around is mesmerizing. This time he added lasers, which was a very cool effect, though I felt like it may be a little visually over stimulating. A lot of excitement was happening with lights, lasers, video and dancing.The main issue I ran into was the sound. The high frequencies (used plentifully in the album Firebird) nearly destroyed my ears when played at this venue

This is the first tour with new member, Lenny. I was impressed with his performance and the crowd welcomed him enthusiastically. He seems like a really cool guy and I feel that he's doing well alongside Miyavi and Bobo. 

Miyavi interacted with the crowd quite a bit, more so, I feel, in this live than the other two I've been to. He asked where people were from, told some personal stories and shared some humor with us. I love hearing about his family. These moments make us feel even more connected with artists as if we were friends. Proof that he really is human- he broke a nail while talking to the crowd. Even though it's unfortunate, I smiled because it's so relatable. Miyavi should definitely keep talking to crowds. I love it when he does! Then he brings the energy right back up at the perfect time and has us all moving again. 

This live had more variety before. The first show I went to, he played the whole album The Others except for Shangri-la and a few from Miyavi. At The Others Extra he played a few other different songs, but not many because he played with another band and had less time. This time he played a lot of songs from four different albums plus the Mission Impossible theme! I was thrilled to hear Real? live. It's a great song to sing and dance to. Into the Red, Horizon, Day 1 and Ahead of the Light are always lots of fun. Universe was definitely awesome to see him play. The way he moved, looked up and let it out, I felt as if he was actually sending messages out into space. 

My personal favorites were The Others, Long Nights and Steal the Sun. These songs are so deep and intense they brought me to tears. So many emotions are woven into these songs. It was my pleasure to be able to sing along and scream out these lyrics together. 

The Others was accompanied by a special video made with refugees. The pain they go through weighs heavily on my heart, making this song even more emotional and meaningful. I hope Miyavi continues to spread this message of peace through his music. 

The order of the songs, when played together, create a story. Firebird and Another World continue the message. I see a lot of balance here- dark and light, yin and yang, positive and negative. What a fantastic set list! Overall I'm very happy with the concert and I'm looking forward to more shows in the (hopefully) near future. 

I thank MIYAVI and his bandmates and wish them all the best! Can't wait to see you guys again! Much love, D'Vonne Brock.


Fire Bird
Raise me Up
Mission Impossible Theme
Into the Red
Come Alive
Let Go
She don't know how to dance
Afraid to be cool
Cry Like this
The Others
Long Nights
Another World
HA!! ( Ganryu intro )
Ahead of the Light
Day 1 
Steal The Sun

What's my Name?

Written by D'Vonne Brock 
Photos by MIYAVI STAFF ( Yususke Okada)
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