Wednesday, 11 May 2016

[FAN-ARTS] Join the Special Gallery with on-going collection of CoMyvz fanarts !

Fan-art by @meguzm

We are very happy to start an on-going fan project we had in mind for long time!
This time our fan-project is about FAN-ARTS !
We know that there are many talented artist in MIYAVI's fandom (comiyavi world wide family)  and we want to share your work with more people and of course with other MIYAVI fans!

Participate by sending your drawing to our  email @

- Email subject: " fanarts" 
- Nickname/Name and Country
- Link of your site with other works or your personal profile ( If you want )
- Title or other info about your drawing ( If you want)

Rules to participate:
- The fan-art must be done by who sends the email, DO NOT  steal other people works
- You can send us more than 1 drawing (maximum 4 drawings)
- The fan-art must be about MIYAVI or/ and something related to him
- We accept any type of drawing but DO NOT send photo edits

- Every 26th of the month the Gallery will be updated 

- Fan-arts with related information about the comyv artists are up on our  SPECIAL GALLERY ON FACEBOOK  Be Sure to check them out and JOIN #it

So, are you a comyv artist, which express love and respect to MIYAVI through your art?
Join our Gallery collection and let's create a digital and fan-made museum !

We will look forward receiving your fanarts ! ! ! !

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