Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We know the world, for that reason we feel the genuine real thing:

-Frankly, for Miyavi, what is honmono (genuine thing) means?

Maybe history? I think because we are an existence that will die in the end, that makes us want to leave something behind. Maybe it is what we called the essence of creation? We have the urge to be alive (), it’s a prove that we have existed.

Because sweat, blood, tears, and hardwork exists in circumstance, making deep emotion born. I think those feelings are shaken in a deep place.

“Clothes” is a thing that can’t easily described in word. But, the good thing is you’ll immediately understand once you let the sleeve pass through you. The same goes to today’s photoshoot, I dealt with it while I was feeling it on my skin. EMPORIO ARMANI’s honmono (genuine thing) let me feel the electric shock.

Just like humans are made to mutually accept each other in this world, music and clothes are also made because of something human wished for. And after so many years accumulated, it becomes culture. For that reason, origin and roots are important. After that, for the first time, it reaches our heart.

Also for honesty. Just recently, I also challenged the world as an actor but what I value is the same as music. Which is something that doesn’t lie. If this doesn’t exist, a basic urge like “I want to tell something to someone” won’t be fulfilled.

ARMANI’s clothing line is also reliable. Maybe we can call it dignity. It is something that immediately understood once you let the sleeve pass through you.

The history is there because great things is born and there are also several folds of processes. Apparently, even if I reflected in the same way, there is an obvious difference there. ARMANI’s attraction may be exist in such richness, right?

Just like “you are what you eat”, “things that you see and hear are what makes you a human being”, clothing is also something that makes you a human being.

*Translated by comyv Takanoizumi 
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