Saturday, 13 June 2015

[NEWS] MIYAVI on NHK WORLD "Entertainment Nippon" June 2015

"Entertainment Nippon" program on NHK WORLD ( Japanese TV channel in English  available worldwide and on streaming) features MIYAVI on June 2015.

The monthly program airs the same MIYAVI episode on June 2015 Saturdays in the following Schedule (UTC)
4:10 - 4:40
11:10 - 11:40
16:10 - 16:40
22:10 - 22:40

The episode includes a long interview and behind scenes of the "We are the Others Tour 2015" Tokyo finale giving a very good summary of MIYAVI.

And it ends with:

「MIYAVI the Samurai Guitarist with his guitar in hand right now somewhere on Earth he continues to spread his msg of a borderless world - サムライギタリスト MIYAVI がギターを手にした今、地球のどこかで彼の"国境のない世界のメッセージ"を広げている。」 

Don't miss the opportunity to watch MIYAVI on your TV and also present him to your family & friends in this cool way ! ! ! 

If you can't watch it on air - check it HERE (Thx comyv Dasha) 
Screen photos from comyv Natsumi 

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