Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hello Comyvz, as you have seen our Samurai Guitarist has successfully started his Life as Hollywood star bringing his passion, talent, elegance and smile into the red carpets accompanied by the number 1 Comyv Melody! ! !

As someone said we are not fans of MIYAVI "only" as musician but as an Artist, as MIYAVI; so the crazy, strong, respectful and unchanging support of us will be following MIYAVI in this new incredible path too. 

For this occasion COMIYAVIWW has opened a site where will upload the media files ( Photo, videos, interviews with Credits)  that showbiz will bring to us !

All is happening really fast, but we hope to keep it up, updating you in time and of course you doing the same- - - It's always " From Comyvz to Comyvz "

Check and save to favorites the SPECIAL SITE powered by wix.com 

                                              We are very very very proud of you MIYAVI ! ! !

*Photo edited by comyv Dasha
*Thank You for following MIYAVI with us, feel free to give us feedback 

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