Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Fanproject] Co-Myv Secret Santa 2014

Co-Myv Secret Santa 2014 !!

It’s X-mass time and also time to celebrate. How could we make it a nice moment for comyvz?
Let’s make a Secret Santa!

 *What is a secret Santa? Secret Santa is a game usually played on Christmas season. 
It is basically based into being a secret santa of someone and someone being your secret santa. 

*How it works? It’s simple. Send your e-mail to us to to get registered in the site that will draw the names and wait for the date. You’ll have to wait a response in the e-mail you gave us. In a certain date the names will be sent to your inbox (no one will know them, neither the admins) so the name you receive it’s the person to give a present. 

*What we can give? You decide. We encourage sending real gifts via mail, but you can give a virtual present too! (Drawings, videos, etc) 
*If I send a real gift, how I will know the address of this person? Don’t worry. In the day to reveal the names just take a photo of the present and post it in the event we’re going to create. So then when everything is over you both can tell addresses and etc. 

 *What should I do now? Send an e-mail to with the subject “CO-MYV Secret Santa 2014” having your facebook, twitter and country where you live. 

*Deadline for been registered : 10 Decembrer 2013 

We’ll register you in the site and add you to the event in facebook. You’re going to receive the confirmation in your e-mail. (If you don’t receive you can tell us). How the event is in facebook please be sure to have your account updated! Let’s celebrate x-mass in a very COMYV way!

So what are u waiting? JOIN THIS SWEET PROJECT and celebrate XMASS with  COMYVZ!  

* If you have something to ask you can do it  on Comiyaviww or Miyavi Brasil ! 

We thank MIYAVI BRASIL for bringging us this fanprojcet !

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