Saturday, 23 November 2013



This project is going to be one of the biggest we've underaken.

We are looking for comyvz who are not camera shy and are willing to document their journey to MIYAVI's concert and their journey back home.

We don't want any footage from MIYAVI's live because we want you to concentrate on MIYAVI rocking everyone out. Also we want to respect MIYAVI's rule of not being filmed during his lives.  

Types of footage we're looking for is;

1. You guys having a good time

2. If you can get comyvz to send video messages (if it's in your own language then please remember to add a translation in the email)

3. The queue

4. Car, train & plane journeys would be great too

5. After concert messages would be great too

6. Silly/fun moments

7. Any fan projects being done for the live you're going to.(if you are the host of the fan project then please document some parts of the procedures too)

A request from our video editor; If all of you could please take all videos in horizontal

Since you will be taking lots of video footage, we advise you to download Dropbox which can transfer the video files easily and it's safe and free software. You can download it from
If you’re going to be taking footage with your smartphones then you can download the dropbox app and put the video fils on to the folder which we’ve invited you to.

[Follow this link on our guide on how to use Dropbox if you are not sure]

We’d really appreciate it if you could send us the videos within 2 days maximum or they will be used in the short video for YouTube but they will be used for the finale video in the end.

** So if you are goin to join this  great fanproject send us EMAIL on
with "ComyvTourdiary" as object and tell us yout name (so we can use for credits) as well as where you are from and we will link you our folder on Dropbox **

All the videos you will take will be edited and posted on to Comiyaviww Youtube Channel for each live. At the end of the world tour it will hopefully be made into a DVD and it can be purchased (P&P cost only, no profits)

We need one comiyavi for each show who can also speak english to be our special video reporter so if you want to have this secret task please contact us on FACEBOOK PAGE MP and we will give you further information.  [UPDATE - We only need reporters for LA, Tokyo and Osaka shows]

This is all! Our big fanproject for the big upcoming MIYAVI tour is this one, we will make it be amazing together with you so we hope many of you will join it! We will anyway talk about it more when it's Tour time, for now we wanted to share you our plan and made you get ready for it!


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