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Enjoy MIYAVI's article on L'uomo Vogue Italy October 2013 Issue n444 :

Calm and peaceful, MIYAVI in person is the opposite of his super-powerful stage appearance. The thirty-two years old Samurai Guitarist is infact very famous in Japan for his unique way of playing guitar without pewter, with hitting the strings just with his fingers and producing a really powerful beat. He plays with a message : he wants the world to be a better place with his music. " Around us there are already many horrible things, natural disasters, wars, bad politics, economy chaos. I think that  music should go ahead, beyond the borders, ideologies,  skin colour. Music is universal"

Born in Osaka, in his teens he was great footballer , but then an injury broken his possibilities to become a professional football player and music caught his enthusiasm, he bought a guitar and started playing a cover of Ray Charles. " I wanted to do something new: i think it's artists responsibility give to the audience an new experience, never felt before. Jazz and blues have always influenced me, but i added a piece of japan tradition. I play guitar as i am playing shamisen, this creates a powerful effect, unique, like a bass sound. Western public, if there isn't something in the music that you offer, simply wont listen to you."

His new album is called MIYAVI as him, it was recorded in London last year, while the artist now is on his Slap the beat tour, that made him perform up to South America [ Wrong information of the magazine*], together with only drums. "This time i wanted to record something pop and light, something that my fans can sing"
His originality catches the like of different audience: young and old, Japanese and foreigners , pop lovers and rockers at the same time. " People find me out on Youtube and then comes from everywhere to see me at live show: at my shows joins different types of fans, and this is why i do it. I play to excite, to make people happy".  

What's up on Miyavi future? A new WORLD TOUR that will start on the beginning of 2014 and even if the dates are not confirmed, he will tour with many probability again for all over Asia, Europe and America. But, before it, he will debut on the big screen with a Hollywood movie, that will be filmed into the tours gap. " I have many friends in movies industry and for many years i refused to act in a film, but this time the script convinced me. It matches with the concept and the  message that i try to transmit with my music. And even if i will play the role of the villain, the film has an edifying massage and I'm very happy to be part of this project. My fans are always careful and lovely e and they are those who push me to play, act and mix music and fashion. There are different ways to express originality, and i think this is my mission in the World." - 

MIYAVI is wearing PRADA shirt , BORSALINO hat,& suit by RALPH LAUREN!
* SLAP THE BEAT tour was only in JAPAN, MIYAVI's wolrd tour is named SLAP THE WOLRD and will take place next year! GET READY COMYVZ! 

credits: Groomer Takahiro Hashimoto, Fashion editor Takafumi Kawasaki, Photo by Taka Mayumi articolo  di Francine Flora
Translated by: Kanmisa @comiyaviww

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