Friday, 26 July 2013


On MYVCREW LIVE CONFERENCE of 26/07/13 ( MIYAVI OFFICIAL FC event ) MIYAVI wrote which parts of "MIYAVI" album lyrics he wants comiyaviz to sing at LIVE SHOWS so he can focus on playin guitar and we together with him will make the show!
Check out all the parts! Even if we may end singing along the whole song remember this parts & sing them loud !!!!  WORLD TOUR is being planned so GET READY COMVYZ!

[Justice1] Because I know that there's no justice in the World tonight The World tonight
[Justice2] Can't you hear our grieving? Ringing through this city
[Justice3] Choirs of people screaming Lead us to the meaning

[Horizon1] HEY!
[Horizon2] We want it all!!!!!

[Chase It] The more you get the more you want Where the fuck we heading for? There's No way out!!!!!
[Chase It2] Just keep on running till you die
[Chase It3] Chase it!

[Secret] Tell me your secret~~~~~~

[Cry Like This] No time to pretend For women and the men Here's where the story ends Oh oh oh oh oh

[No one even knows my name(Slap It!)] No one even knows my name If I wasn't here would it change
[No one even knows my name(Slap It!)2] Cuz I'm invisible who's to blame These days are feeling all the same

[Hell No] NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

[Ahead Of The Light] RUN!
[Ahead Of The Light2] Get ahead of the light Pass the supersonic everything's gone behind me
[Ahead Of The Light3] Go beyond the limit space and time round and round Ain't no stoppin' till I catch you over the light

[Day1] Here we go, blow the night away the sun shouts out, clouds dance, sign of daybreak, A new hope, it's another day. The future dont go away, action day 1

[Free World] We live in a free World We're touching the sky Just show your true colors And be who you want to be
[Free World2] It's okay, it's okay, it's okay ~~~

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  1. Owwww god!! This is so great! I can imagine the show <3