Thursday, 25 April 2013


MIYAVI has announced new album titled "MIYAVI" on 19 June 2013 and this album will debut WOLRD WIDELY  ! !

Followin the New Album there is gonna be NEW TOUR  including the 4th MIYAVI'S NEW WORLD TOUR titled " Slap the Beat "

For now only Japanese tour dates are available as soon as WOLRD TOUR dates will come out we will tell you!

Please understand that it's not all up to MIYAVI coming or not to our Countries so try to meet his plans too and join the tour as much as you can!


** 雅-MIYAVI 's  name has now officially changed into " MIYAVI " without the kanji to meet oversea market but the kanji will be anyway used on logos and other stuffs! ** 

For the Album MIYAVI worked with special EMI staff in London for 8 days

#MIYAVI #LONDON #REC #DONE !! w/ the WICKED London team. We k... on Twitpic  


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