Monday, 22 April 2013

A Letter to MYV | MYVへの手紙。 [FANPROJECT]

Hello comyvz ! 

CO MIYAVI WORLD WIDE is back with new fanproject – are u goin to join us? Hope yes !

As the title says this time we are goin to write a “letter” to MIYAVI ; no video no photos just your words to him!

How to do?

  •     Write within 50 words ( more & less please don’t write long even if we love ur love LOL ) the following msg :  When & how u met MIYAVI?, What’s  ur Best memory with him? & ur GOOD LUCK msg to the upcoming world debut Album and 4th World tour  ! !
  •     If u can,  try to add in your msg some title of his songs or part of his lyrics (that will make sense with your words lol) to make it more comyvzed
  •  The message has to be in ENGLISH or Japanese !
  • Don’t forget as always to write your name or nickname & country ! ! 
Where to send? 

Send ur letter to MYV to our mail box with the object “aLetter2myvFP”

1st May 2013


We will public all the msgs in the same webpage makin it be a long full of Love CO MIYAVI WORLD WIDE msgs to MIYAVI we will link the page to him so he can read it and maybe give him a handwritten version when he will be touring ;)
As he is an artist that works with no stop to be our BEST MUSIC , we as his fans and little miyavi , let’s try to show him in every way our support!

  - For further information, questions etc ask us on Facebook or Twitter

Ps: FANPAGE ADMINS  Please translate this fanproject to your country comyvz and made them remember about it and join us!

Here an Example:  
Hello im xxxxx from xxxxxx I met MYV 4 years  ago while watchin videos on Youtube ! Me best memory is when he come to my country and performed my favorite song! MIYAVI Good luck with new album BE STRONG & go AHEAD OF THE LIGHT we r with u!

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